Board of Advisors

The Board of Advisors is a volunteer board established by Nichols College Board of Trustees in 2007. The Board of Advisors is made up of accomplished alumni and friends of Nichols College. The Board meets semi-annually, sometimes in conjunction with special events designed to immerse participants in intellectual and social activities with faculty, students, trustees and friends. The meetings are designed to utilize the expertise and talents of the members to better the strategic goals of the College.


E.J. Landry III '86, Co-Chair headshot
E.J. Landry III ’86, Co-Chair
Retired Partner
Christine D. Prunier '06, MBA MSOL '16, Co-Chair headshot
Christine D. Prunier ’06, MBA MSOL ’16, Co-Chair
SVP of Culture
US Alliance


Mark B. Alexander '72 headshot
Mark B. Alexander ’72
Richard W. Anderson '86 headshot
Richard W. Anderson ’86
Chief Financial Officer
Starkweather & Shepley Insurance Brokerage, Inc.
William J. Arias '10 headshot
William J. Arias ’10
VP of Retail Card and Investments Underwriting
Synchrony Financial
Eric A. Bernard '92, MBA '98 headshot
Eric A. Bernard ’92, MBA ’98
AVP IS Shared Services
UMass Memorial Healthcare
Lee A. Cappola '92 headshot
Lee A. Cappola ’92
Chief Information Officer
Hope Global, Inc.
Benjamin Robert Carbone '20 headshot
Benjamin Robert Carbone ’20
Real Estate Agent
Brunt and Company Real Estate LLC
Fran J. Carlo '90 headshot
Fran J. Carlo ’90
Founder & President
Lakeside Advisors
Peter V. Caruso '90 headshot
Peter V. Caruso ’90
Financial Advisor
Wells Fargo Advisors
David J. Chapin Jr. '14 headshot
David J. Chapin Jr. ’14
Financial Advisor
Morgan Stanley
Ashley Coffey '11 headshot
Ashley Coffey ’11
Associate Attorney
Mirick O’Connell
Jillian E. Coyle '09, MSOL '16 headshot
Jillian E. Coyle ’09, MSOL ’16
Sr. Manager, Corporate Compliance Contracts
American Well
Brian L. Dardy '09 headshot
Brian L. Dardy ’09
Senior Diversity and Inclusion Talent Acquisition Program Manager
Henri M. David Jr. '64 headshot
Henri M. David Jr. ’64
Retired Marketing Executive
Scott C. Farland '89, MSOL '15 headshot
Scott C. Farland ’89, MSOL ’15
Vice President, CSO
Velo Squared
John Finning CPA headshot
John Finning CPA
Michael W. Frisbie '90 headshot
Michael W. Frisbie ’90
Noble Energy Real Estate Holdings
Sean T. Glavin '06 headshot
Sean T. Glavin ’06
Executive Vice President, Client Advisor
Lockton Companies
Veronique Gourene '05 headshot
Veronique Gourene ’05
Assistant Vice President of Investment Operations
Global Atlantic Financial Group
Joseph F. Grimaldo '79 headshot
Joseph F. Grimaldo ’79
O’Connor, Maloney & Company, P.C.
Kurt Ross Harrington '74 headshot
Kurt Ross Harrington ’74
Retired CEO
Katelynn Marie Havener Mochun '12, MBA '17 headshot
Katelynn Marie Havener Mochun ’12, MBA ’17
Enterprise Customer Success Consultant
Patrick B. Holland Sr. '88 headshot
Patrick B. Holland Sr. ’88
Senior Vice President-Investment Officer
Wells Fargo Advisors
Justin Hollander headshot
Justin Hollander
Tufts University
Jeff R. Johnson '90 headshot
Jeff R. Johnson ’90
Eagle Cleaning Corporation
Adrian K. Jordan '19 headshot
Adrian K. Jordan ’19
Community Relations Coordinator
Miami Dolphins
James W. Kerley '69 headshot
James W. Kerley ’69
Managing Partner
Clearview Partners LLC
Matthew P. Krumsiek '05 headshot
Matthew P. Krumsiek ’05
Krumsiek & Graves, P.C.
E.J. Landry III '86, Co-Chair headshot
E.J. Landry III ’86, Co-Chair
Retired Partner
William Laplante '90 headshot
William Laplante ’90
Regional Vice President
Virtus Investment Partners
Nicholas S. Lynch '05 headshot
Nicholas S. Lynch ’05
Senior Vice President, Mortgage Sales Manager
Webster Five
John P. Maffeo '75 headshot
John P. Maffeo ’75
Director of Accounting
East Boston Neighborhood Health Ctr.
Steven J. Malcolm '01 headshot
Steven J. Malcolm ’01
Enterprise Account Executive
Matthew V. Marcantonio '17 headshot
Matthew V. Marcantonio ’17
Assistant Vice President, Consulting Group Analyst
Morgan Stanley
Amber D. Martin '09 headshot
Amber D. Martin ’09
Real Estate Agent
Lamacchia Realty
Kim M. McCarthy '92 headshot
Kim M. McCarthy ’92
Generations On the Move, Inc.
Christopher W. McCarthy '92, MBA '97 headshot
Christopher W. McCarthy ’92, MBA ’97
Fidelity Bank
Robert J. McDiarmid '98 headshot
Robert J. McDiarmid ’98
Vice President of Men’s
Ross Stores Inc.
Lee A. McNelly '69 headshot
Lee A. McNelly ’69
Senior Client Executive
MTM Insurance Associates, LLC
Jason M. Morin '98 headshot
Jason M. Morin ’98
Robbie P. Munce '99, MBA '01 headshot
Robbie P. Munce ’99, MBA ’01
Go-Time Restrooms
Thomas Nicalek '89 headshot
Thomas Nicalek ’89
Renaud HVAC & Controls, Inc.
William F. O'Connell Jr. '78 headshot
William F. O’Connell Jr. ’78
Retired Insurance Industry Executive
Matthew B. O'Connor '93 headshot
Matthew B. O’Connor ’93
Chief Revenue Officer
Keith Armstrong O'Hara P '10 headshot
Keith Armstrong O’Hara P ’10
Board of Directors
Courtney S. Pajak '13, MBA '17 headshot
Courtney S. Pajak ’13, MBA ’17
Senior Account Manager
Homesite Insurance
Ryan T. Paradis '10 headshot
Ryan T. Paradis ’10
Trader, Portfolio Implementation
PanAgora Asset Management
John T. Peculis '01 headshot
John T. Peculis ’01
Chief Lending Officer
Clintons Savings Bank
Ernest Pekmezaris '67 headshot
Ernest Pekmezaris ’67
CFO & Treasurer
Pappas Restaurants
Kellianne Erin Perceval '02, MBA '05 headshot
Kellianne Erin Perceval ’02, MBA ’05
AVP IT Solution Delivery – Logistics
Philip Pettinelli '71 headshot
Philip Pettinelli ’71
Retired Bank President
Joseph M. Pirrone '97 headshot
Joseph M. Pirrone ’97
First Vice President, Wealth Senior Relationship Management
Merrill Lynch
Christine D. Prunier '06, MBA MSOL '16, Co-Chair headshot
Christine D. Prunier ’06, MBA MSOL ’16, Co-Chair
SVP of Culture
US Alliance
Isabella A. Richard '18 headshot
Isabella A. Richard ’18
Product Marketer
Stephanie M. Riendeau '07 headshot
Stephanie M. Riendeau ’07
Director, Global Employee Relations & People Partner
Daniel M. Riendeau '07, MBA '14 headshot
Daniel M. Riendeau ’07, MBA ’14
Strategic Business Unit Manager
Taylor W. Ross '13 headshot
Taylor W. Ross ’13
Director of Treasury
Prudential Financial
George Shuster headshot
George Shuster
Chairman Emeritus (Retired)
Cranston Print Works
Nathan K. Smith '89 headshot
Nathan K. Smith ’89
Absolute Machinery
Kenneth R. Snell CFA, CFP '91 headshot
Kenneth R. Snell CFA, CFP ’91
Portfolio Manager
Bank of America’s Private Bank
Shannon M. Spitz '99 MBA '01 headshot
Shannon M. Spitz ’99 MBA ’01
Director of Human Resources, Global Operations, U.S.
Gentex Essilor
Richard M. Suitum '90 headshot
Richard M. Suitum ’90
Exsel Advertising Incorporated
Frank Sullivan headshot
Frank Sullivan
Skinner Overlook
Jason Patrick Sweet '04 headshot
Jason Patrick Sweet ’04
Senior Director of Sales
Mario A. Turner '16, MSOL '17 headshot
Mario A. Turner ’16, MSOL ’17
State Police Officer/Trooper
Massachusetts State Police
Alexandra M. Vojtila '17 headshot
Alexandra M. Vojtila ’17
Financial Advisor
Northwestern Mutual
Aida M. Volpone '00 headshot
Aida M. Volpone ’00
Davis and Hodgdon Associates
Elizabeth S. Wagner headshot
Elizabeth S. Wagner
Employee Security Review Board
State of CT, Employee Security Review Boar
Paul J. Washburn Jr. '92 headshot
Paul J. Washburn Jr. ’92
Sector Portfolio Manager
FM Global