Catching Up With ... Matt Roach '10

     Nichols College alumnus, Matthew Roach ’10, has been working hard since graduating. Roach is currently working in human resources at Northeastern University, while pursuing his Masters degree in corporate and organizational communication. Simultaneously, Roach is pursuing another passion. Earlier this year, Roach started the Minutes for Memories foundation in honor of his longtime friend, Addison Russell, who was injured in a tragic boating accident.

     The name of the charity came from Roach’s explanation that it only takes a few minutes of one’s life to make an impact on a child’s life that has a long recovery ahead of them.

     Roach gained inspiration from Russell, a talented athlete who now is adjusting to his new life in a wheelchair, limiting the amount of athletic involvement Russell can now participate in.

     The foundation helps those impacted by similar situations become acclimated to their new lives and not allow that one instance to define the rest of their lives. The mission states: Memories have the potential to lift people up when they need it most. At Minutes for Memories we realize that it only takes a few minutes to create memories that will last a lifetime.

     Roach stresses the importance of helping these kids get acclimated to their new lives, but making them realize that they can still enjoy the hobbies that they once enjoyed prior to their injuries. “We are hoping to not only build a support system but an outlet for kids that need a way to see that their days do not have to necessarily be filled with just the present hardships that face them.”

    One of Roach’s new goals within the foundation is to create and sponsor a power wheel soccer team, called the Bay State Wheelers, within the Worcester County area. Additionally, Roach is planning a kickoff dinner for Minutes to Memories in January, where the charity is looking to put together a 5K road race/walk for the spring.

    Roach has put together a great charity and is a great example of Bison paying it forward after their years on the Hill.

For more information about Minutes for Memories and their upcoming events, we have provided the link to the charity’s website:

                                                                                                                                                                                      By: Ed Baia '12


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